Counterfeit parts have no part in our industry. These parts cause problems from production shutdown to product failure. The best way to receive genuine parts is to purchase them directly through authorized sources. When you purchase through Lanka Micro Electronics you can be assured that: The products were obtained directly from the supplier/manufacturer or from their authorized channels. The product has been handled and stored in accordance with industry quality standards. You have access to our suppliers' full range of up-to-date technical and product information, as well as comprehensive technical support. We encourage all our customers to establish internal controls to make sure that parts are purchased through supplier ECIA and CEDA authorized distributors. As a member of ECIA (Electronic Components Industry Association) and CEDA (China Electronics Distributor Alliance), Lanka Micro Electronics is dedicated to providing factory-warranted, first-quality, genuine components – adhering to the highest standards in customer service. The mission of ECIA is to promote and improve the business environment for the authorized sale of electronic components. Dedicated to the enhancement of the distributor-manufacturer relationship, this association represents companies involved in the distribution of electronic components and parts, computer and computer peripheral components and test, measurement and control equipment and their manufacturer-suppliers. As counterfeit and substandard parts continue to enter the market at an accelerated rate, it is important to buy from sources you can trust. Don't risk your new product designs, your customers, or your reputation. For genuine components and parts, always look for the ECIA and CEDA Supplier Authorized Distributor logo.